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Crypto Interest Accounts, More Coins Delisted, Bitcoin Mining Record & Ethereum Price Jump

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5 thoughts on “Crypto Interest Accounts, More Coins Delisted, Bitcoin Mining Record & Ethereum Price Jump

  1. Will we ever earn interest on Bitcoin in a decentralized, trustless way? Closest thing I’ve found is by being a maker on Coinjoin. I haven’t tried it but supposedly people make ~1% per year which isn’t much but it seems safer than other bitcoin passive income options.

  2. Everyday normal people owning half a BTC or 1 BTC hoping to make 10% interest! Ha! This is a lot like the story when Warren Buffet was a poor bastard 6 year old shoe-shining boy in the Gilded Age, but he persevered, and despite his hardships, he built an entire shoe-shining factory! And then he was able to charge not 10 cents but 11 cents! Who is laughing now, SIR?! Percentages, ratios and interest, or 3rd grade math in general are hard! Just forget it! I bet this video will be hilarious in 2040. Dividing the world wealth by 21 million and owning 1 part–THERE IS NOTHING NORMAL ABOUT THAT! However IMHO, we can either get the 10% or get a different kind of economy based on Bitcoin where YOU are the boss. Can’t get both! “Your keys–your Bitcoin” Andreas Antonopoulos. “Rich people” will just steal your Bitcoin and there goes your 10%! Even “they” can’t afford to pay the 10% because they can’t afford the Bitcoin. But if they don’t want it, FINE! They can stay in fiat. Extra credit: What is 10% out of $0.00? (If you are inspired by Andreas Antonopoulos don’t go and buy NEO like me! There are differences–“cryptos”are not all equal. He is talking about BTC.)

  3. Yeah, their marketing sucks. That’s why the feeling is that they reach out to 10 people instead of 10 million. I mean, just because half of the worlds wealth is held in a few people’s hands, doesn’t mean that the other half isn’t out there and worth investing in. It’s just stupidity, that all. It will pass. But only once real greed sets in and they “had no other choice” lol. It’s called backwards in my field of intelligence.

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